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Removal and installation of the heat exchanger of a heater

Cars considered in the real Management are equipped with system of additional safety of SRS which is better known as a safety cushion. Before performing any works near assembly of a pillow or a steering column, without fail disconnect system in order to avoid receiving traumas as a result of its casual operation (see. Head Onboard electric equipment). Isolation and contact sockets of electroconducting of a chain of SRS are painted in bright yellow color. It is not necessary to connect any diagnostic devices to this chain!

Air central air constantly is under a high pressure. At all do not disconnect refrigerator lines and do not remove any components of system, previously without having executed a discharge of the last. The discharge of central air of air should be made by strengths of the skilled expert in the conditions of a car-care center workshop. At a rassoyedineniye of refrigerator lines surely put on goggles!

Do not allow antifreeze hit on open sites of a body and the painted surfaces of the car. Casually got splashes immediately wash away a plentiful quantity of water. Remember that antifreeze is extremely toxic liquid and its hit in an organism even in small amounts is fraught with the most serious consequences (up to a lethal outcome). Never leave antifreeze being stored in leaky closed container and immediately collect cooling liquid spilled on a floor. Remember that the sweetish smell of antifreeze can draw to itself attention of children and animals. About ways utilization of the fulfilled cooling liquid consult at any station of car-care center. In many regions of the world special points on different reception of working off are equipped. At all do not merge old cooling liquid in the sewerage and on the earth!

Recently nontoxical grades of antifreeze are developed, however they also are subject to utilization in the organized order.

Before starting procedure performance, wait complete cooling of the engine.

It will be reasonable to charge performance of procedure of replacement of the heat exchanger to specialists of car-care center.


1. At the corresponding complete set of the car make a discharge of central air of air at car repair shop.
2. Transfer the handle of management of heater functioning to the provision of the maximum heating (NOTES). Empty cooling system (see. Head of Control and routine maintenance). If replacement of cooling liquid was made recently, keep it for further use.
3. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that have the correct combination for audiosystem input in action!

4. In an impellent compartment disconnect hoses of an okhladitelny path of the engine from inlet and final branch pipes of the heat exchanger of a heater on a back partition of an impellent compartment.

The "become attached" hoses will need to be cut off in order to avoid casual damage of branch pipes.

5. Liberate from a partition of an impellent compartment rubber tubes of branch pipes of the heat exchanger of a heater through passage.

6. At the corresponding complete set of the car disconnect refrigerator lines from the heat exchanger of the evaporator of the conditioner of air, remove the rubber plug through passage.

At a detachment of refrigerator lines surely put on goggles!

7. Release a fixing collar and disconnect a driving cable of a zaslonka of management of supply of cooling liquid in the heater heat exchanger. Liberate a cable from a partition of an impellent compartment that it could be removed complete with a heater casing.

8. Lower a steering column. Also remove the dashboard (see. Head Body). Remove a rasporny intensifying bar of the dashboard.

Before starting extraction of the heat exchanger make sure that all clamps are released.

9. Remove a floor air line with steel intensifying bars, disconnect the corresponding electroconducting, then remove assembly of the onboard processor (RSM).

10. Disconnect an air line sleeve from the lower part of a casing of the heat exchanger of a heater.

11. At the corresponding complete set of the car remove assembly of a casing of the heat exchanger of the evaporator, or the air line located from the passenger (model without To/in).

12. Give bolts/nut of fastening of assembly of a heater to a partition of an impellent compartment. Disconnect management cables.

13. Delay heat exchanger assembly down and back, - track, that all clamps were released. In case of need slightly повращайте assembly for the purpose of its separation from the top sleeves.
14. Take from heater assembly the heat exchanger.

15. Collect a heater and check serviceability of functioning of all a zaslonok. Make necessary corrections.
16. Installation of components is made as it should be the return to an order of their dismantle. Tighten fixture (bolts/nut) of a steering column to a basic arm with effort of 5 ÷ 18 Nanometers.
17. Fill system of cooling and remove from it air jams (see. Head of Control and routine maintenance). Connect the battery and start the engine. Check components of system of heating on existence of signs of leaks and serviceability of functioning. Make a recharge of central air of air.